Fall 2014
Release of V5a
"The V5a brings Class A to your video system. This amplifier shares the same form factor as the Stereo S5.5 amplifier but is designed with surround sound systems in mind. It has four 50 Watt channels each with about 25 Watts of Class A. Two channels can be bridged for 200 Watts (25 Watts Class A) for use as the 'odd' channel in video systems. The V5a paired with an S5.5 creates a 5.1 system in which all channels benefit from Class A operation. A second stereo amp will get the system ready for 7.1 Surround."
Winter 2015
Release of S250
"Based on the highly acclaimed System 100 design, The S150 uses a split achitecture to reduce the influence of the high current present in the output stage of an amplifier on the high impedance circuitry of the voltage gain circuitry. The system 250 will produce 250 Watts (200 Watts Class A) utilizing a single voltage gain stage and two dedicated current stages. The system also uses the Thermal Trak technology from On Semiconductor which was previously unavailable and is currently incorporated in most of our amplifier designs."